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Design Parade 7


Saturday June 29th

In the shade I
Presentation of the prototyping workshop project, villa Gandarillas by Patrick Bouchain, Constance Guisset and Antoine Boudin.
Saint-Pierre, Castle named villa Gandarillas

6.30pm In the shade II
Savoir-faire et modernité.
Savoir-faire and Modernity. By Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel, René-Jacques Mayer, Jean-Pierre Tortil, Hugues Jacquet, Sciences Po and ENSCI students.
Garden, villa Noailles

In the shade III
The designer François Azambourg meets Michèle Champenois, journalist.
Garden, villa Noailles

Sunday July 1rst

4pm Inthe shade IV
Lecture, The Dakar - Djibouti Mission: Science, poetry and adventure for the benefit of ethnology by Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne and Alexandre Mare, curators of the exhibition.

5.30pm In the shade V
encounter, presentation of Krux Amsterdam by François Dumas, Gero Asmuth, Erasmus Scherjon and Dajo Bodisco, co-founders.
Garden, villa Noailles