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villa Noailles

Architecture, Fashion, Design, Interior design, Photography

centre d’art d’intérêt national

Monument historique Patrimoine XXe / Maison des illustres / Jardin remarquable

exhibitions of architecture

February 11
March 18, 2018

opening on Saturday
February 10 at 6pm

The private pools’

Following on from Landskating and La Boîte de Nuit, the villa Noailles continues its exploration of cultural architectures specific to spaces intended for entertainment. The 2018 architecture exhibition, entitled Domestic Pools, will focus upon private swimming pools. From their initial appearance in modern homes for which the villa Noailles serves as a notable example to the utmost contemporary experimentations, this exhibition will retrace the architectural devices employed for bathing.

The exhibition will also cover both vernacular and industrial types of private pools whose technical innovations have progressively rendered them accessible to the middle classes. Focusing exclusively upon this new room which has left its mark on twentieth century architecture, the exhibition will explore the culture and the representations which private swimming pools have constructed.

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